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Average Price Doesn’t Always Mean Average Quality

I’ve only just started my blog and already I feel as if I’m falling behind, but I’m determined to keep the it going.

It’s been difficult thinking of a subject to talk about but was distracted when doing some research online and an advertisement was posted offering photography services for free, specifically wedding photography for free.

Now I know this sounds like an offer too good to be true, and it may well be. I didn’t delve further into the portfolio of the photographer, all I needed to know was that it was someone trying to break into the industry and wanted to build a portfolio for themselves offering wedding photography for free.

I’ve been a photographer for a lot of years. Landscape, portrait, wedding and event photography.

I’ve studied, I’ve practiced, I’ve failed…at one point been so disillusioned with my work that the camera was nearly launched into the sea never to be seen again.

But I’ve kept going and I feel that my work, especially my wedding and portrait work is of a standard that I feel is worth paying for.

But how much do I charge for my services? Wedding photography packages in Scotland are available from between £200 and over £2000 with a whole host of add on options should you want them.

I totally understand that there is a budget to work to, however we have to remember If you come across a wedding photographer who only charges £200 for a full day of wedding photography, chances are they are starting out and don’t have the experience or they have a full-time job somewhere else and photography is a hobby for them. Maybe they’re a student who is working for some extra cash. I’m guessing they probably don’t have proper insurance either?

I’ve been involved in over 100 weddings in Scotland as a second shooter before photographing my own weddings, and I feel this experience has helped develop an understanding of the industry and what it takes to shoot and edit a wedding….

Let’s not forget about:

Pre wedding meetings (usually two)

Initial recce of the venue

Travel to and from the event venue

Set up at the event

Photography at the event

Downloading digital images

Backing up images for safety

Image enhancing using professional software

Uploading to/and set up of image gallery

Preparing, compiling and submitting wedding albums

Photography equipment cost

Photographic editing computers and professional editing software

Digital storage for clients images e.g. hard drives, iCloud etc

Professional development and further training

Professional liability & indemnity insurance

Once we start to look at the detail it soon becomes apparent that each wedding is more than just a one day event for the photographer and when you break £200 down into an hourly rate we are looking at maybe £5 per hour for a ‘professional’ service. Would you apply for a job paying £5 per hour?

My wedding package prices start at £595 including a second shooter and a 28 page photo book! Certainly more than the £200 quoted by some photographers, but a figure that is average for the industry and one I feel I can justify should anyone ask about my quality of work, customer service and value for money.

The digital age has changed the whole wedding photography industry. Anyone can purchase a camera, put a website together and call themselves a wedding photographer and charge whatever they want.

No experience, no portfolio, no real photography knowledge….but they will turn up and shoot all day and you’ll get ‘2000 fully edited images’ all for the bargain price of £££

Will you look back at the photographs and wish you’d hired a professional wedding photographer, or does it really not matter as long as you have some photos of the day?

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the process of choosing your wedding photographer.

Average Price perhaps….but not Average Quality

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time.


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