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Everybody wants a piece of the action…..

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I recently posted on my facebook page a photograph that was taken as the newly married couple were walking down the aisle full of joy and happiness. As you can see, the guests had their own ideas about who was going to get the best shot of the couple, and It wasn’t going to be me that’s for sure!

As a Scottish Wedding Photographer, we are hired to capture in images, the story of the day. From the sometimes hysterical scenes during the bridal preparations through to the crazy dancing that can be witnessed on the dance floor, we are there, keeping our eye on the day as it unfolds and hopefully capturing the photos that the couple will enjoy for years to come.

The reaction on facebook to the photograph was a mix of ‘I don’t mind it’, to ‘I can’t believe they stood there!’ The couple themselves didn’t mind the fact that I didn’t get them in the shot. They saw it as a part of the day. They didn’t have an ‘unplugged’ wedding and the guests made sure they enjoyed the ceremony by taking as many photos on their phones as they wanted. I guess everyone wants a keepsake of the day to keep for themselves, or to share on social media.

Having been involved in almost 100 weddings in the last couple of years, I’ve seen the difference between ‘unplugged’ or not and I don’t mind either way, and as long as the couple are aware that if guests take it upon themselves to stand in the aisle there’s not a lot I can do about it.

Having a second shooter with me allows us to capture the ceremony from most angles, so I usually manage to get the shots required.

Of all the weddings I have attended, one of the most enjoyable was an American couple who flew to Scotland to be married. Working with my good friend Dan Hariga (Photography), we travelled to the Glen Tanar Estate, set in Scotland's spectacular Cairngorms National Park in Royal Deeside and then to Kildrummy Castle. Dan, myself and the couple, and that was it. No other guests. Dan and I were both photographers and witnesses for the day. It was probably the most romantic wedding I have had the pleasure to be involved with, and there was certainly no chance of anyone getting in the way of taking photographs of the couple that day. Not a photo booth, LED dance floor or candy cart in sight. Just the couple having a wonderful experience in Scotland and being married in a Scottish Castle, just the way they had planned it. By the end of the day, we had captured some fantastic photographs for the happy couple to take them with them to show friends and family back home in the USA.

And I think that’s what it’s all about. The experience of the day. Being witness to two people connecting in a way that keeps them together forever. Watching, listening and enjoying the moment.

As a guest, you have been invited to be part of the day.

As photographers, we have been invited to photograph it.

What are you thoughts on unplugged weddings? Will you be asking your guests to keep their phones turned off, or are you happy for your guests to snap away?

PS - not long after I posted the first image on facebook, the same scenario happened again!

The lady had no idea that she was standing right in front of both me and the videographer.

I guess the footage of her back will make for good viewing for the couple?

unplugged edinburgh church wedding

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